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Custom Ceramics: Reasons why Custom Ceramics make the perfect gifts.

Custom Ceramics: Reasons why Custom Ceramics make the perfect gifts.

Ever had a hard time finding that perfect gift for someone or just lost and don’t where to start? Custom ceramics are one of a kind gifts that can be personalized for any special occasion. Ceramics have been around for centuries, with some of the most expensive pieces auctioning for millions. These treasured pieces have been used for dinnerware, for decoration and to capture special memories.

Dinnerware is made from a special clay called “Bone Clay” which is safe to eat from. Dinnerware includes platters, plates, cups and bowls. Customized mugs can be made with an extra-large handle for someone with a large grip. Personalized with a favorite color, message, and picture, truly makes this another one of kind gift. Platters are also great gift ideas for families or couples, or even large groups they can be both functional and decorative. Platters have been used in celebration of special anniversaries, such as a “50 Anniversary”, birthdays or commemorating events. Display the platter in the dining area or kitchen, as a centerpiece for your table, or a serving dish to enjoy with friends and family.

The clay for ceramics is soft, so it can be easily used to create impressions to keep and cherish forever. Custom ceramics can capture special memories such as a newborn baby or pets. By imprinting their little hand prints, foot prints or paw prints into clay, you can keep a cherished memory every day. Baby plaques and impressed ornaments can be personalized with the newborn’s information, which is a great gift for new moms.  The paw prints can put into a plaque or centered into a pet bowl or dish. This also makes a great gift personalized with their pets’ name.

Whether your look is country or cosmopolitan a custom ceramic piece can be made to fit your look and style. Décor ceramics include vases, centerpieces, figurines, statues, piggy banks, jewelry boxes and even fake flowers.  Vases can colored to fit the colors of a new home gift, house warming gift, or to compliment your newly remodeled kitchen. Personalized piggy banks and jewelry boxes can be custom created for a great gift for a child of any age.

Ceramics by Nooshin is a great artisan, who specializes in clay pottery, and ceramics. She meticulously hand paints all of her work and can make just about anything out of clay. Nooshin has a unique ability to make a custom piece that will be treasured for a lifetime. She is an amazing sculptor that can create a masterpiece from only a picture.

Things to remember when customizing your gifts.

  1. Write it down first.
  2. Be sure to have the correct spelling, especially if a Name is included.
  3. Double check the information, dates and numbers.
  4. Have someone else read the information back to you, verbatim including commas and periods.


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Custom Ceramics: Reasons why Custom Ceramics make the perfect gifts.