Ceramics by Nooshin

Customized and Personalized Handmade Ceramics


Ceramics for Any Occasion

Ceramics by Nooshin is a great artisan, who specializes in ceramics. She meticulously hand makes every item with clay and treats every one of her orders with special care and attention. Nooshin has a unique ability to make custom pieces that will be treasured for a life time. Someone once said “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”, this goes real well with Nooshin’s custom ceramics. In the past Nooshin has helped with many different organizations to raise thousands of dollars. Nooshin believes art should be affordable and that’s been the secret of her staying in business for over 35 years.

Giving gifts is an art and customizing it becomes very special with ceramics by Nooshin. You can take any image from a magazine, photograph or your imagination and that could turn in to your own customized gift. You can choose your own color, size or even have it personalized. By doing this the gift becomes a treasure to the recipient. One of her favorite projects is doing custom baby hand and foot prints in clay. She transfers the hand and foot prints with or without the baby present in clay and you choose how you want to design it and have it finished at again no extra charge.

One can choose from many ideas, dinnerware, platters, mugs, flower arrangement, centerpieces, functional or decorative items, your imagination is the only limit. Many contractors and architects throughout the years have worked with Nooshin when they are remodeling a house, apartment complex or just a bathroom or kitchen. She has provided custom tile back splash for kitchen, bathroom or entry ways. The clay and glazes used by Nooshin are one of the finest available in the market. The clay is bone china, sister to porcelain. All ceramic paints and glazes are non-toxic and food safe. There is never an extra charge for the colors you choose. She also makes these jars with the reproduction of your precious pet on the lid. She prefers to call it a cookie jar but the lid could close to become an urn. All you have to provide is good pictures of your pet.


Ceramics By Nooshin
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