Ceramics by Nooshin

Customized and Personalized Handmade Ceramics



Nooshin has had a fully equipped ceramic studio since 1979. Working with clay has been a lifelong passion and she has been serving clients all over the globe. Nooshin uses many methods to create forms- from hand forming to forming on the potter’s wheel to mold forming. With a degree in industrial design from San Jose State University, she has been trained to focus on production.

She uses Bone China clay and the dinnerware she creates are all food safe. She can reproduce almost any idea you have in mind at an affordable price. Nooshin believes that owning a handmade piece should be affordable. Throughout the years, Nooshin has created numerous pieces of ceramic that have been shown in galleries as well as department and specialty stores. She has made props for theatre and has created many one-of-a-kind pieces for private collections. Nooshin is always proud of what she produces and feels good about the hard work it takes to make it.

Specialties include:

• Custom ceramic pieces
• Custom made tiles
• Fundraisers
• Custom made baby plaques
• Special Occasions